Sex Positive Resolutions for the New Year

What better way to start the New Year than with a bang, right?  Many people look outwards when setting their New Year’s resolutions: lose 10 pounds, eat healthier, walk more.  Why not take a look inward at your sexual desires and make this next year one for the bed. 

Here are some resolutions that have your sexual wellness in mind and will help you have a climactic New Year.

  1. Discover what drives your sexual pleasures.
    How can a partner possibly know what turns you on, if you don’t even know yourself.  Take the Jaiya’s Erotic Blueprint Quiz and define your Erotic type so that you can gain a deeper understanding of what turns you on, and gives you sexual satisfaction.  Have your partner also take the quiz so that you can understand each other’s desires and work towards speaking each other’s sexual language.

    Take time to play with your partner to discover your sexual arousals together, or take time to play solo.  Afterall, masturbation leads to a better understanding of your own body so that you can communicate to your partner later.

  1. Take a good hard look at your own body and be comfortable in it.
    No more sex with the lights off.  Time to throw off the towel, and take a look in the mirror.  Mirror work is proven to help us view our bodies and point out what we love, what we don’t love so much, and accept every piece of ourselves. Yes, that means our vaginas too!  If we can’t be comfortable in our own skin, we can’t be our true selves in the bedroom.  It does take work, but put in the effort and you’ll see the spice come back in the bedroom in no time.

  1. Purchase sex toys and make them a part of my sexual wellness routine.
    Have some fun, and order some toys to add to your sexual wellness routine.  There are toys that are great for self-pleasure, and couples toys to enjoy with your partner.  Here are a few of our favorite things:

    Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Overload 10 Days of Play Gift Set- $109.99

    Sila Sonic Clitoral Massager – Lilac- $169.00

    Smart Wand 2- Medium- Black- $199.00

    Our Sex Game- $31.99


  1. Act out your sexual fantasy’s
    This can be as simple as using your imagination.  But, let’s be honest, what’s the resolution in that?  Adding costumes, and role play is more fun, add in a wig and some accessories and you’ll be bringing out a new side to your sex life in no time.

    Try this!  “Did someone call for a maid?” and step out in this 3-piece French Maid Bedroom Costume.  Don’t forget your ostrich tickler!

  1. Have better communication with my partner.
    Let’s drop the stigma about talking about sex, your desires, and what turns you on.  Don’t be afraid to speak before, during or after sex to your partner about what you liked, didn’t like or want more of.  Add in a game to break down the walls and get talking.

  1. Overall, have sex more often with my partner.
    This may seem easy, but the average couple has sex between once per week to once per month.  Your sex life can be affected by many different factors.  We get it, you may not be the same young vibrant person you were once before.  It’s time to take control and realize that your sexual wellness matters.  Make it a resolution to have sex more often with your partner, and you can use any of the above resolutions to spice things up!