Lingerie: A love affair...

The French invented lingerie with the corset…as meant to conceal a woman’s modesty, they also created mystery and allure. Today, we no longer need corsets, but the fascination, allure, and mystique of corseted lingerie still captures our imagination.

Since the days of Marie Antoinette, lingerie has been empowering woman to embrace their own sexuality and allure. The mystery of what one is wearing beneath their clothing is a powerful aphrodisiac. It has been used to entice, tease, and lure lovers for centuries. Even more today though, lingerie is a personal, captivating way to boost confidence, self-worth, ego, and libido.

Feeling beautiful and sexy for ones own self, increases self-care and self-love. Every woman should feel beautiful in her own skin and embrace her own sex appeal. It’s no longer imperative to buy lingerie only for your significant other. A woman should first buy lingerie to please themselves. This is the French way.

Create Your Own Fantasy with Lingerie

You can create a new and different persona, create your own fantasy, and realize the allure you possess. When you put on elegant and beautiful lingerie, you instantly feel more beautiful and sexy. There is something about the act of dressing in lingerie that changes your perspective. It opens your mind and it lets you see yourself in a different way. When you wear lingerie for you, you begin to embrace your womanhood, and see yourself for the strong, confident, and capable woman you are. Leave the self-critic behind, and see yourself as sexy and vibrant. It’s not about picking out your flaws, it’s about feeling comfortable and in love with your body.

No woman is perfect, and the French way is to never aspire for perfection! There is simply no such thing! You are unique…celebrate your uniqueness.

Own your sexuality…envision the power you possess within! Start a love affair with lingerie and see your attitude change for the better. There is no better remedy to get in touch with your innermost feelings, desires, and fantasies! Not to mention boosting your confidence to the stratosphere!

Give yourself a treat today…experiment, dream, and begin your love affair with lingerie. You won’t regret it for a second! 💋 

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