How to Flirt like the French: The Art of Seduction

Bonjour, Flirty Friends! Are you ready to get your flirt on? Read on to discover how the French do it! 😉

They say in America, baseball is the nation’s #1 pastime…well, move over baseball! The Frenchies have a better idea. “Le Flirting” is considered a part of everyday life in France…so much so it should be considered France’s #1 pastime! It’s for le fun, non?

Frenchies see flirting as a way to add a bit of good-natured, harmless fun to their life. And, who doesn’t love feeling special when greeted with a wink and a smile?

Flirting also helps offer up special favors with everyone from le fleuriste to la boulangerie…want an extra croissant, darling? Just give a sly grin and make eye contact to seal the deal. And, since the French are masters of seducing everyone they meet, flirting is an essential part of communication between the sexes. They should know, they invented l’art de la seduction.

The French are great admirers of beauty and they love to show their appreciation when someone puts forth the effort. The French don’t see age as a factor when it comes to flirting either…don’t worry if you are over 30, 40, 50, or even 60! It’s more about complimenting and appreciating your appearance. French Girls care about how they present themselves to the world. And, even though, they make beauty and style look effortless, that je ne sais quoi they are known for doesn’t come without a bit of work! With all this effort comes the admiration of waiters, shopkeepers, artists, and people on the street. Flirting is seen by many as lighthearted, playful, friendly banter and never a cause to offend.

Although flirting is more direct and overt these days, there are still many unwritten etiquette rules to follow. After all, the French invented etiquette too!

La Flirting Etiquette:

  1. Always keep an air of allure ~ you want to create a sense of mystery.
  2. Don’t be too revealing or overtly sexy. Think classy and never trashy.
  3. Always keep them guessing ~ less talking ~ seduce them with your eyes.
  4. The French love a good laugh! Use humor to break the ice. Be lighthearted and don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself.
  5. Make the other person you are wanting to seduce feel special ~ compliment their smile ~ gush over them ~ flatter them.
  6. Be interesting ~ don’t be a bore. Don’t talk about the weather, or God forbid, your Ex! Practice the art of good conversation.
  7. Be attractive ~ put in the effort. Stand out among others, in a good way. Wow them with your style!
  8. Remember, Flirting is an art ~ be subtle ~ nothing too over-the-top.
  9. Be Tender ~ with a soft touch of the hand, a wink, or a tender kiss.
  10. Lock eyes with the other person ~ keep eye contact at all times ~ show them you are interested ~ talk with your eyes.
  11. Be charming ~ Charm them with your wit and exhilarating conversation.
  12. Be coquette ~ learn to develop an artful playfulness to gain admiration of the person you are trying to seduce.
  13. Smell good ~ experiment to find your signature scent and wear it exclusively ~ find a scent that lingers.
  14. Be respectful ~ don’t be pushy or rude. Respect others boundaries ~ cat-calling or lewd behavior is crass and not acceptable in any circumstance.
  15. The Art of Seduction is to always, always leave them wanting more! Don’t give too much away in the beginning ~ create anticipation and longing for the next time! Remember rule #1: create an air of allure ~ be mysterious!
  16. Voila! You are now an expert in l’art de la seduction. 💋 

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