5 Products to Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor and Your Orgasms

Bonjour to all the women out there that are ready to stop hiding a little secret and move on with their lives.  Urinary incontinence is something that up to 45% of women suffer from.  A weakened pelvic floor can be caused by age, supporting the weight of a growing baby during pregnancy, having a baby vaginally, pressure of obesity, and a number of other things.  One thing is for certain, us ladies are ready to kick the urge to the curb and do something about it.  In walks, kegel therapy, where you can strengthen the pelvic floor and *gasp* increase sexual pleasure all at the same time. 

Coco has some of her favorite product picks for you to add some kegel therapy to your daily workout routine.  You can do kegel exercises while sitting, lying down, doing yoga, or in the shower.  Many women see that by adding this workout to their routine they will find some improvements within 4-6 weeks.  However, as with anything, practice makes perfect.

Coco’s top 5 Kegel Exercise Picks

1. Kegel Smart – $99.95

KegelSmart uses touch sensors to register your pelvic strength and determine your exercise level. The intelligent program will then automatically adjust the level as your strength improved over time. Let KegalSmart guide you through each contraction with gentle vibrations for the easiest and most effective pelvic floor workout.

All you have to do is:
Contract it when vibes
Rest when it stops

2.  She-ology Interchangeable Weighted Kegel Set – $62.99

The She-Ology Interchangeable Weighted Kegel Set is ergonomically designed to tighten and tone pelvic muscles. Created to give you a fully customizable workout regimen, the set of 6 variable weighted kegel balls can be mixed and matched with the single or double ball holder to give your muscles exactly what they need. From smallest to largest, the weight set include 20 g, 25 g, 30 g, 35 g, 40 g, and 45 g

The premium silicone weights assist to train and tone kegel muscles, increasing sexual satisfaction, sensual stimulation, and pelvic floor strength with every use. The graduated set has been created to tone and tighten kegel muscles over time. The hypoallergenic premium silicone set is body safe, unscented and phthalate free to keep your most sensitive spots, happy and healthy.

3. Wellness – Kegel Training Kit – $40.99

The Wellness Kegel Training Kit delivers a fully customized strengthening routine. This complete set includes six balls, progressively weighted in pairs from 0.6 ounces to 1.8 ounces. The satin smooth silicone balls can be used alone or in pairs, for a total of nine possible weight combinations. Wellness Kegel Balls help strengthen your pelvic floor for better control and more intense pleasure. Make them part of a regular kegel exercise routine, or wear them to heighten arousal during foreplay. All Wellness Kegel Balls are made of platinum cured silicone that’s body safe and easy to keep clean!


This small burgundy box contains everything you need to tone tighten and enhance sexual pleasure. The medium balls slip easily inside and the weight of the steel provides the resistance needed to obtain all the benefits this ancient and time-tested practice has to offer.

5. Luxe Double O Beginner Kegel Balls- Purple – $11.99

Blush’s Double O Kegel Balls are built for pleasure and to strengthen your pelvic muscles, which leads to stronger, more intense orgasms!

Made of silky smooth, body safe ABS plastic, each ball contains a weighted bead that cause organic vibrations with your movement, stimulating and massaging you. As a tool to bring strength to your pelvic muscles, simply insert both silky soft beads and use your pelvic muscles to hold them in place.

Try using them while doing yoga, or while in the shower, or around the house. Women report after a few weeks of dedicated use, they feel noticeably stronger.