22 Ways to feel sexy, beautiful, and confident in 2022!

Bonjour, my cheeky bon-bons! Bonne Année ~ Happy New Year!

After all the hustle & bustle of the season~ soirees, champagne, truffles, & sugarplums it can be daunting to get back in the groove and crush those resolutions, darling! A new year can be overwhelming and intimidating! But, a new year can also be exhilarating when you dream about all possibilities a fresh start can hold for you! Don’t see the new year as pressure…see it as an opportunity!

For all my Frenchie BFF’s out there, I want to share my French Girl Secrets for killing it in ‘22! Feel sexy, beautiful, and confident to slay your year! 

  1. OK bon-bons, I know, I know…you’ve heard this one before…Drink more water! Drinking more water is not new, and the benefits are well documented…What if I told you a little secret that is an easy, foolproof way to get more water without having to think about it? “Ice-Ice-Baby”! Make it a point to add ice to all your drinks! Order extra ice at restaurants, keep an insulated glass of ice by your desk, in your car, or on your nightstand and sip it throughout the day. Voila! All that extra ice in your drinks adds up to a significant water intake without you having to think twice about it!

  2. Feel sexy in your skin everyday! Frenchies wear matching bra & panty sets…it’s true, French Girls wear matching sets every. single. day! Even around the house! It seems like a simple thing, but it is a powerful confidence boost! As you get dressed, when you wear a matching set and look in the mirror, you instantly feel sexier! And when you feel sexier, you will face the world with more confidence and an unstoppable attitude!
  3. Give cellulite the boot! Feeling a little lumpy is a bummer, but there is a way to banish cellulite and feel super confident in your clothes! And, it only takes a few minutes a day! “Dry Brushing” is a technique that has many benefits…it increases circulation, releases toxins, and breaks up cellulite beneath the skin. Before showering or getting dressed, take a dry, stiff bristle brush and start to brush in only upward strokes on the back of your legs and thighs (from your knees up to your buttocks) Use firm pressure (not too aggressive) and smooth strokes for 2-5 minutes per side. (It is normal for your skin to be red) Cellulite is stubborn, however, results start to appear within the first 2-3 weeks. Done regularly, legs and buttocks get smoother and smoother, look more toned, and buttocks appear more lifted.
  4. Keep your look from getting stale or invent an entirely new you! Do you feel stuck in a rut, bon-bon? A simple and cost effective way to try a new look is with a high-quality Wig! Bring out your inner French Girl or your dream version of yourself. Or create a new persona and let your confidence soar! Look like Emily in Paris, Brigitte Bardot, or Jane Birkin…feel like a new you, without breaking the bank!
  5. Look taller and more lean, the French Girl way! The French Girl secret is to wear high-waisted jeans and slacks! The high-waisted look gives a long, lean optical illusion. You appear taller, more toned, with a leaner physique. Your legs will appear longer, and coupled with heels offer a sexy silhouette.
  6. Keep your age a mystery, darling! Keep people guessing! Everyone focuses on the face but they forget the first four areas on the body to show ones age: The hands, the neck, the décolletage, and the knees. Pay extra care and attention to these areas, just as you would your face. Wear sunscreen on all these areas, as well as soft, cotton driving gloves to use while driving (this prevents age spots on your hands and sun damage), use a good quality moisturizer and apply with only upward strokes on the neck, décolletage, and knees. Use a good, emollient hand cream daily. (Keep one in your bag, car, & desk.)
  7. Give yourself a break, mes Cheri! We are our own worst critic. Pick out one thing that you love about yourself, and own it!
  8. Celebrate small victories! Small wins have a big impact on your psyche. Don’t ignore the importance of reaching small milestones! They are important for the journey, and keep your confidence up!
  9. Carve out at least 30 minutes a day for self-care. (An hour, if possible.) Self-care is essential for your mental health and overall wellbeing. Whatever self care means to you, do it! Whether it’s a luxurious facial, mindful meditation, yoga, reading, journaling, napping…it’s all about taking a little time to put yourself first.
  10. Don’t get bogged down in the details, darling! French Girls embrace being perfectly, imperfect! That mole on your cheek, the gap between your teeth, the bend to your nose…it’s all what makes you, you! It adds to your charm! It’s these little nuances, that make you unique. Celebrate them!
  11. Break big dreams and goals down into manageable pieces. Celebrate each step in the process as progress toward the big picture!
  12. Treat yourself, mes Cheri! Little indulgences spark joy and create an escape…joy and laughter increase your feel good hormones. Treat yourself to something you love, and make it part of your self care routine.
  13. You didn’t come this far, to only come this far! Keep your eye on your dreams, and don’t let difficulties stop you from becoming who you were meant to be.
  14. Give yourself permission to be human, darling! We all make mistakes, and we can always work toward improvement. Don’t let one mistake derail your confidence!
  15. When times are hard, give yourself a chance to slow down and process where you are emotionally ~ give yourself time so you can make good decisions moving forward, and not reckless decisions due to stressful situations.
  16. French Girls keep their look fresh and simple. Focus more on skincare to keep skin glowing and less need to wear excess makeup to cover flaws or acne. Buy a quality cleanser especially made for the face. Always cleanse your skin before bedtime. A beauty faux-paus is to go to bed with makeup on! Non! Take a few minutes to cleanse your skin and allow it to breathe. Once you get in a routine, you will see results! Soft, smooth skin, even tone, and rosy glow…creating a simpler beauty routine and the need for less and less makeup! This lets the real you, shine through! With less time to get ready to boot! And, we could all use more time.
  17. Think Silk for fighting wrinkles and sagging skin. Change your pillowcase to an 100% silk one. The silk will lessen the pull on your skin as you sleep. Silk also fights static and breakage with your hair. A win-win! The next best option is a satin pillowcase. Be sure to wash your pillowcase at least once per week, as it will stop breakouts!
  18. Highlight your best features and downplay the rest! French Girls focus on their best assets…if you have beautiful eyes, downplay the lips. And, visa-versa. Don’t go all out with makeup. You want to focus on your best feature and emphasize it. You will look more unique, instantly making you more desirable!
  19. Be careful with bare legs, bon-bon! French Girls know your legs can be one of your best features. They can also show their age with spider veins, sagging kneecaps, (yes, it’s a thing) and cellulite! French Girls disguise imperfections by wearing black hosiery with almost everything! You would be surprised how well this little trick works! It hides any number of problems, while still looking elegant and polished.
  20. French Girls optimize a quick makeup routine to simplify their lives. Try the less is more approach by focusing on the eyes and lips. Brush brows in upward strokes, fill in brows with soft brow powder, using a soft eyeshadow brush…curl your lashes with a quality eyelash curler, add a volumizing mascara, then use a soft, blending brush to add a fine, lightweight finishing powder all over face, lips, and forehead…for the finishing touch, add a bold red lip! Viola! A fresh, French Girl inspired face, ready for anything! (Keep an oil absorbing compact with you for touch ups throughout the day.)
  21. Lingerie! A gift you give yourself! American girls buy lingerie with their significant other in mind. “Would they find me sexy in this”? “Would they like the color”? French girls approach lingerie buying differently. French Girls buy lingerie for themselves, with their confidence in mind! They have discovered, beautiful, elegant lingerie not only makes you feel sexy, it makes you feel empowered and confident. French Girls place an emphasis on quality over quantity, and they see buying the best lingerie, just as important as buying other quality wardrobe pieces. They see it as an investment in themselves, and they make it a priority. Slip into something special that you have bought for yourself, and delight in your new confidence booster!
  22. Guilty pleasure? Who’s guilty, my bon-bon? If it pleases you, do it! As long as you are not hurting anyone in the process, give yourself pleasurable experiences! To the French, pleasure is not an option. Life is to be lived, and if something is not pleasurable, why do it? Make time in your life for pleasure…there is nothing to feel guilty about! Enjoy your life while you have it to live! Do as the French, embrace freedom to live your life with abandon, and no apologies!

Voila! You are now ready to take on your new year with confidence, empowerment, gusto and possibility! A new you, only better. 💋